Pennsylvania State Button Society, Button Collecting, Button Club

PA State Button Society Fall 2019 Awards

Div III – Modern/vintage: includes modern or vintage (post-1918) buttons.

1.Cl. 7-4.11. 30 Any. Moonglows. Represent as many colors and shades as possible (white is excluded). PA Dutch Button Club. $10, 6, 4. Look for shapes, sew thru, different numbers of pastes, different colors of paste, variety of decorate finishes, etc. Judging sheet for moonglows is available.

Div IX – Age not considered – includes buttons eligible in Div. I and/or Div. III, regardless of age. No age balance is implied; may include all modern or all old unless specified otherwise in the award. Div. II buttons are allows unless excluded by the award.

2. Cl. 1-0 through 15.5 & Cl 8-5.1. 20 Any. 10 Assorted Materials with rhinestone/paste OME and 10 Glass mounted in metal buttons. Start Button Club. $10, 6, 4.

This award should have 10 buttons with a variety of base materials in the first group including metals that have paste as OME (not completely covered in paste applies to metal only), and 10 set in a variety of metals in the 2nd group. Remember that in class 8-5.1, the button should be covered in paste – not a metal button with a few stones on it. The majority of the button needs to be paste. Colors and shapes in pastes considered. Labe.l a back mark if applicable, cover the 4 pictorial sections, look for shapes of buttons and sew thru. (Revised version of Spring 2018 Award)

3. Cl. 3-0. Small. China Assorted. Alpha and Omega Button Club. $5, 3, 2. Look for a variety of back types, body styles, colors, decorative designs, and unlisted types – follow the classifications.

4. Cl. 17-0 thru 20-24. 20 Any. Specialized to clear and colored glass realistics (Refer to Appendix 23-10.3, page 66). Star Button Club. $10, 6, 4. Cover as many whole number classes as possible, colors of glass, DF and OME’s.

5. Cl. 20-1 and 20-22.1.1. 20 Any. Ships/boats and Scenes specialized to scenes containing water. 10 of each class. No limit on realistics or studio buttons. Susquehanna Button Club. $10, 6, 4. Different types of boats, water – ocean, lake, river scenes. Shapes, sew thru, pierced, usage, movable, label backmark.

6. Cl. 20-10. 20 Any. Heads, specialized to real people, living or deceased. Label name of person. Annie Frazier. $15, 10, 5. Include men, women, children, multiples, assorted materials and all the regular stuff.

7. Cl. 23-9. Small. Materials Mounted in/on Metal, specialized to waistcoat buttons (weskit). French Creek Valley Button Club. $10, 6, 4. Although not required, labeling material would be helpful to the judges. Different metals are also considered. Pictorials should also be included.

8. Cl. 25-6.1.2. 25 Any. Overall. Specialized to wobble shanks. Red Rose Button Society. $10, 6, 4. Look for all verbal, numbers, pictorials, OME and DF, backmarks (must be labeled), different materials – aluminum, steel, brass.

President’s Award

9. Div. IX. Cl. 1-0 through Cl.15.5. 42 Dim. Assorted materials specialized to diminutives. Please label materials, backmarks, OME, DF and anything else that might aid in judging. Sheila Brudno. $15, 10, 5.

Mount as you please/Popular Vote

10. Div. IX. Cl. 11-.0. Shell. French Creek Valley Button Club. $10, 6, 4.

MOLLY PITCHER MEMORIAL AWARDS – If you have won 1st place as an individual, you cannot participate in the next 2 competitions. If you have won 1st place as a club, you cannot participate in the next competition.


11. DIV IX. Cl. 19-0. 30 Any. Plants Assorted – Limited to non-subcategories. Label. No limit on Studios or Realistics. $50, 30, 20. Whole numbers only are allowed on this award. No roses, or acorns, etc. Look for assorted materials, shapes, a labeled back, pierced, usage, etc.


12. DIV. IX. Cl. 9-0. 25 Any. Horn Assorted. No limit on Studios or Realistics. $50, 30, 20. PA State has not had a Horn award in over 6 years, this will give individuals the opportunity to review otherwise neglected buttons.